Great morning to you. I don't care that this is day four of grey skies and rain and that today is going to be more showers throughout the day with some lightening mixed in. (Obviously I care). Generally, a day of rain is calming and relaxing, but through the week and by day four, it's on the depressing side, no one can argue that. The rain storms in NY are insane, they linger for way too long, it's pounding on my window right now. A small part of me is kind of liking it as I type; there is something soothing about it.

Tomorrow is the day though, our gorgeous sun will shine and make everyone happy again. Forecast is saying next week looks sunny too for the most part, woooo. April showers bring May flowers is right on track. We'd better see a lot of flowers in May after this #greylife.

No matter....it's Friday.....it's the weekend....time to relax, LET GO of any / all stress, forget about next week and live in the right NOW. I'm going to start this Friday morning with this feel good, wonderfully talented musician...

Have the most fabulous weekend**

xo Fabi #johncoltrane #jazz #lovesupreme #TGIF

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