Big Sun

Good Tuesday morning to you. I am feeling quite optimistic these days. I'm taking a week or so off from my blog for something I need to tend to. I may or may not write about it after, depending on how the whole thing goes. Then again if it doesn't go well, that could make for a good story too. I would like to stop looking at my life in regards to what would be good to write about for starters, this is my crutch in life in general - and another reason why it's good to take a week off from it.

If I still have your reading attention, I'd like to take this minute to thank you for reading. When I first started this blog over a year ago, I didn't know if anyone would read it -- besides my family who I all but forced them to read by asking everyday if they've read it and since have stopped after receiving responses such as, "Oh um, not lately but I will" -- and now people are reading and I'm grateful. Having readers makes writing ten times more fun, so thanks. I'm interested in having guest writers do some posts, so if anyone reading this has any interest, please let me know.

Last note, there are birds chirping outside my window right now as the sun is slowly rising. It looks like they're starting to come back from the south now, they must have traveled back over this past week; seriously, I haven't heard this many birds singing at once since, last summer it has to be. They stand out as it's so rare to hear lately. Winter is truly over, yay, finally we can give the coat and gloves a rest, until next year cuddly friends :O

Have a fabulous week and I'll be back soon with some tales from the other side....

xo Favi (in a spanish accent) #spring2015 beautiful. gorgeous days. warm air. feeling good.

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