The Lunch From Hell

Back when I was a kid (I've been dying to use that phrase), service used to matter. There is nothing worse than taking the time to pack up the family, shovel the snow out of the walk way and hang out in the freezing cold with the hopes of enjoying the fun restaurant you picked...only to get bad service and terrible food. It's hard for me to go to restaurants in general, because I always expect top notch service - I gave the best service when I waited tables and now I expect it, as I know it can be done. Lately, when I go for lunch or dinner, it's like I have a sign on my forehead (it is on the larger side and could probably fit a sign) that says, "seat me in the laziest waiter's section please."

What is going on with them? I remember I used to work with one and I can picture his long face and his slow moving body now. They paired me up with him once when the managers tried a system of "tag teaming" servers together in a section. It was a disaster, I spent the whole night telling him to, "Hurry up!" I'm sure he wasn't too fond of me come 9 p.m. He was following behind me all night so slow, like a turtle you would find curbed by a lake. I feel bad for him now that I think about it - the job was definitely not for him - he just didn't have "it," or better known as the hustle. Some people are born with it and some are just not, oh my god. I didn't feel bad for him back then though, when he was taking half my tips and did absolutely nothing except give me extra work, by having to wait around for his slow ass.

When I see his face in waiter's today, my eyes instantly do a slow roll and I let out a noticeable sigh, I can't help it, as I know we're in for a ride. I want to help him, I want to give him advice on how to be a better server, such as: move faster honey, clear tables as you walk through the dining room, serve something to a table and then do a quick walk around to your other tables and LOOK AT THEM FOR CHRIST SAKE before you head back into the kitchen. Oh, it's so hard for me, I have to literally hold my tongue. After training servers for years, this is what I am now cursed with, a heightened awareness when faced with bad service.

To add insult to injury, the food at this restaurant (I'm going to be nice enough and not say its name, I don't know why I'm being nice, I should call them out for ruining my Saturday afternoon) came out and tasted like glue. I'm not even exaggerating here. I ordered the artichoke dip and it sort of looked like an artichoke dip; although I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to use a knife to cut the dip. Terrible. The french fries were soggy, the bread on the burger was stale, the table was bolted down too far from the booth, there was no music and the whole place smelled of a slight mildew scent. The only thing that was somewhat enjoyable, was the mild buzz I got from the beer.

The worst mistake customers can make when the service is not good, is tip well or even decent. If you felt poorly serviced, DON'T TIP! The bad server needs to get the hint, we're the only ones who can help him/her. As for the bad food, this is the manager and the chef's fault, if you have bad food and good service, a nice tip should happen. Either way, feel free to tell the manager what happened. I my recent case, I was going to send it all back, but there were other problems happening, as my sweet angel decided to misbehave throughout the whole lunch, he must have hated his food too. We got out of there as soon as we could and decided to never return, we left 5% . . . he did bring me the beer.

-Fabiola Conrado #service #badservice #restaurants #waiters #goodmorning

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