Spring Forward

What a great Monday morning it is (pretty sure I have never written that before in my life). The reason it's a great one is because today, it's going up to 47 degrees, woooo. In fact, tomorrow it will go up to 47 again and Wednesday 52! The coldest it will be this week is, 41.

With Spring officially starting soon, we get these lovely Spring like temps to enjoy. Dare I say...winter is over?! I fear thinking that too soon, because of last Thursday's blizzard :O The seasons are changing again, maybe we'll get one more snow day for those die hard winter fans . . .

Good Morning Sunshine

This Week Will Be Successful 

March 20, 2015, 6:45pm = Spring

Don't Let Anything Break Your Spirit

Today Will Feel Like Spring**

Coffee, Tea, Espresso

Freshly Baked Bread

Work Mode, ON

Hot Yoga 



p.s. i have to share this really cute story, you may have already heard it as it's been all over, but if you haven't...The Mayor from Danbury, Connecticut, Mark Boughton, is having a good time playing with the students in that community, as he announces snow days via twitter. Absolute hilarity, see below...

And evidently he watches one of my favorite #Netflix shows, House of Cards. As reported by the #HuffPost, after his office came to a decision about the next day, he posted these messages...

Fabulous, just fabulous @MayorMark
For Walking Dead lovers, he live tweets during that show, 

-xo Fabi #funnymayors #goodmorning #springfever 

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