Seven Unobvious Things I Can't Live Without

Hand Lotion...Living up north has taken a toll on my hands. Five minutes without gloves and the skin is frozen, red and almost chapped. The next day they're really dry. Really good hand lotion has been a savior. I can't imagine not having it. I can hardly look at my hands when they're dry. In the spring/summer it doesn't happen, but in the winter, it's something awful without.

Headphones...I notice every one has them, so I'm sure many would agree. When we find a pair of good ones, we go out of our way to make sure they don't break. The ones I have now are great and to me look like little speakers on the end. I've tested them on people and when I have something on a louder decibel, no one can hear. That's the key. Those guys on the subway blaring their music while wearing crappy headphones, always give me a laugh; bro, we can hear it.

Reading Material...I get tired of looking at my phone, tablet, computer and the television that I long for real reading material. I crave magazines and books and I enjoy the act of turning a page. There is so much entertainment on the phone, but it can't be good for our eyes. I know it gives me a headache after a while, so that's no bueno. Books and magazines on the other hand do not and leave you feeling refreshed. When you live an inside life in the winter, all of this becomes crystal clear . . . where are my eskimo peops at? Currently reading: I Love You More Than You Know, Essays by Jonathan Ames.

Perfume...This is a whole new thing for me and that's why I'm listing it. I've spent years looking for one that doesn't make me run to the bathroom by mid-morning to wash off, because it was making me uncomfortable. Maybe my senses are finally starting to calm down or maybe I've found the perfect perfume, either way, I've finally found one that makes me happy when I get a whiff. I'll stick with it for a while, or until I get bored of it at least. Chloé.

Journal...I could never live without one and still have the latest and greatest tucked away by my bed. We go way back, to grade school I believe and it even got me through a bad break up once. I love the pretty journals with art on the front, but I rip through those guys in about one entry. I've long since moved to thick spiral notebooks, not as fancy but more writing room. I also enjoy handwriting with a good pen. Sometimes I journal just to see how nice I can make my handwriting.

Dry Shampoo...Before I had my son, I used to wash and style my hair everyday. I can't even remember those days now. I'm lucky if I wash my hair three times a week, that's a luxury. Styling takes too long and I don't have that kind of time anymore. If my hair starts to look greasy on top, I use dry shampoo and voilà!, fresh, "clean" hair.

Incense...I've tried them all and have found the best ones, in my opinion, from Whole Foods, called NAG CHAMPA. These are pretty common ones and can sometimes (not always) be found on the street even, in NYC that is, and probably in most other cities with street vendors. Lighting incense and a candle is a nice, peaceful way to start the morning.

These not so obvious things stay with me throughout the seasons. If there were an apocalypse and I was only able to take one of the items above with me, I'd have to go with, reading material. Everything else, I could live without if I had to, but would rather not.

What things could you not live without?

-Fabiola Conrado *favorites* #goodmorning #winter2015 #springiscoming

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