Relax Baby

Great morning to you on this dark, cool, rainy Friday morning. Most normal people in New York are asleep right now, off in la la land to the sound of water droplets hitting their window frames. After I finished brushing my teeth, I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered why I wasn't doing the same. It was too late at that point, my body was up and moving around already and it was taking my mind with it. At least it landed me in front of my computer, human autopilot I guess.

The week was good overall and I have no complaints, in fact I'm pretty sure it was successful, I'll know for sure on that next week - don't want to jinx it. For now, join me in looking forward to the weekend and ...relax...forget the stress...we think too much and have no time, so let's go out....relax some more...

(Italics are Nadia's words, I'll let her tell it her way...) 

Believe it, Spencer & Hill and Nadia Ali (Cazzette Remix)
Welcome to the weekend**

xo Fabi #believeit #nadiaali #goodmorning #peace & #love #TGIF 

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