Morning Moonshine

Good morning on this cold, Spring morning. It's maple tree season in case you didn't know, and right now they're producing sap that is being boiled down to create the most freshest syrup you can find. The maple farm we went to is located in the middle of the country complete with a welcoming committee, communal fire pit for marshmallow roasting, cafe and a gift store. It was really lovely.

All of yesterday's goodness isn't shaking away the Monday morning blues however, a little, but not fully. The sun has yet to come up where I am and the sky is mildly lit by a little shine from our waxing crescent moon. I know I could use some positive vibes to jump start the morning, maybe you could use some as well? . . .

Good Morning Sleepy

Today Is Going To Be A Wonderful Day

Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Espresso

Work Mode, Turned ON

Fresh To Do List

MARCH 2015

Don't Judge Others, No One Is Perfect

New Week, New Positive Frame Of Mind

Deep Breath In, Deep Breath Out

Hot Yoga, Peace & Love

-xo Fabi #goodmorning #happymonday #spring2015

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