Maybe I'll Wear Light Blue

Good morning on this lovely, warmer Wednesday pre-dawn. I'm taking a few days off from my blog to try and get ahead of it. I'm really taking a few days off from posting I should say, to come up with some fresh ideas and improve my blog. I'm also going to look into having guest writers post maybe once a week, if any writers have any interest that is? I also want to take a quick second to thank you for reading, as I'm grateful to have readers (really, THANK YOU).

On another note, I am completely blown away by the higher temperatures in the Northeast. We went from 13 degrees at the end of last week to 62 today. The next ten days look pretty good too. I'm switching to a lighter coat today dammit! New Yorkers are acting awful strange this week: smiling as they walk by, saying good morning, trying to have conversations on the subway. It's just Spring guys, you can go back to your old selves now, you're freaking me out.

Also, just an fyi as I'm sure you're wondering...
Have the most fabulous Wednesday ever**

-Fabiola Conrado #winter2015 #springiscoming #peace & #love 

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