I Had A Nightmare

I had an unwanted dream Monday night that is still with me today. It was so scary that it woke me and stayed on my mind through the morning routine. All of the details at that point in time were crystal clear. I actually tried to forget about it and as much as I wanted, couldn't do so. Before I started writing this, I figured it would be easy to remember the story, but it has finally left. I'm glad it did, but the feelings I'm able to recall with clarity: confusion, negativity, scared, unwanted. I have a pretty good idea now why I dreamt that way, but that's another story all together.

Nightmares are such a contrast from nice dreams. A good slumber is always the preferred route for the night, as the head hits the pillow. Meditating before sleeping and planning to enjoy it normally helps these efforts. When downer dreams occur, they're difficult to analyze the next day, mainly because we'd rather not. Letting them go is always the first inclination. I read in a dream analysis book once, sorry I forget the name it was a long time ago, that when you have alcohol before bed, there is no point analyzing those dreams. I didn't have any alcohol that night.

Dreams with no alcohol the night before, I like to think are good enough to take a closer look at. A dream book is parked on my nightstand and when I remember, I'll flip through it the next morning and see if I can make any sense of those tales, usually not. The dream from Monday was horrid, it woke me up and wasted a good night's sleep. Nice dreams however, are ones we try to remember the next morning and want to get back into them, to keep the them going. This is not an easy thing to do for some reason, they fly away so fast.

Could the same thing be happening in real life? It seems logical [to me] that it does. Do we subconsciously let go of our happy times to quickly and allow our not so happy ones to linger around? I know I made a conscious effort to try and forget the nightmare, and it was hard to shake. I finally did, but it took time. The last lucid, soothing dream I had on the other hand, took an effort to keep and not let go. I can still picture it to this day, but the feelings from it, even though the dream was on the same level of powerfulness, in regards to its affect on my memory . . . are gone.

-Fabiola Conrado #spring2014 #goodmorning #dreamer

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