Good Vibes For Your Monday

Good morning. It's just before dawn where I am and my eye lids are still quite heavy. Is it all parents of small children who are always tired, or just me? I had lunch with my cousin last week - who raised three small children - and it was the same thing on her end, she was always tired when her kids were little. If there is a parent out there reading this who disagrees, please share with us how you are not.

Yes, coffee and strong tea always come into play. I could do everything "in between naps," was my thought process this past weekend. Last week's extra running around caught up with me, as it's not always like that. We had a rather large snow storm blow through yesterday, dropping heavy, fluffy snow that fell slowly and peacefully. Napping through one of those is pure heaven. Oh, the sun is up now, making for a new day, a new week and welcoming in a new month, welcome March...

Good Morning Grumpy

Today Is Going To Be An Amazing Day

This Week Will Be Extremely Successful

Coffee, Tea, Espresso, Toast, Healthy Cereal

Meetings, Phone Calls, Emails Oh My

Everything Will Work Out Fine

Work Mode Turned ON

Fresh To Do List

MARCH 2015




Have a happy Monday :O

xo Fabi #winter2015 #happymonday #goodmorning

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