Black & White

Great morning to you on this chilly Friday morning. The sun will make an appearance today (finally, we've missed you). We're beginning this March day with 13 degrees. Since the snow has begun, it does not seem to want to stop. While it's all very pretty, a hot sun and some color in our lives would be nice. Yesterday's blizzard was an exception, with its extra fluffy, light snow.

I dreamt of summer last night; admiring flowers, playing in water and walking barefoot in the grass, its been a long time since I've had that sweet of a dream. Winter people know how to do summer, as we start to plan for it now. In the south, summer rules over winter and they find it cold at 64 degrees. It's the reverse up north, at 35, we think it's warm...

Good times


xo Fabi #winter2015 #blizzards #snow #peace #love #TGIF 

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