The Countdown Begins

It's think about love. Valentine's Day in general is a bit frivolous in my opinion, the one day to remind ourselves we love someone. (?). What about the undeniably complicated unreciprocated love? Or how about past loves? I know I've had previous companions whom I've loved dearly and to this day wish them only love. (As I don't talk to them anymore, lol). Maybe your love is right next to you and it's so easy that you forget it requires effort. For all one knows it's a new love, those fun and exciting romances, with all the kissing, hugging and love making...barf. (Just kidding, I want that).

Whatever your love is (the media and all the stores tell us that) Saturday is the day to think about it. You can try and escape it, but there's no way. You head somewhere as simple and innocent as CVS and it smacks you right in the face. Throughout the week people love asking, "Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day?" Parties with speed-dating themes are thrown for singles, in the hopes of meeting new love. Going out for dinner becomes a big drama as well and blogs won't shut up about it. There is no escaping, so may as well prepare a response if you have no plans. Singles: "None ya." That would be ideal I'm sure, but "Not sure yet," is better. Coupled: "Yeah, we'll probably do something." No point offering the new loves any advice, we know what they'll be doing.

Maybe it's not so bad to think about Valentine's Day though. Conceivably there's nothing wrong with making it a point to think about and show love. With the busy lives we lead, we probably do need this special day to take a time out and reflect on that four letter word. Perhaps it is a helpful day that gives us a chance to re-connect with that long time partner (better yet, show them later in the bedroom?). If you're single, there's nothing wrong with thinking about the one you loved or take the day to think about some new, fun love that's coming soon - it always does, doesn't it?

My plans? Well, I'll probably write a poem or two or dedicate my next couple of blog posts to it..."or something like that."

p.s. Fifty Shades of Grey starts tomorrow, getting a little excited ;>

-Fabiola Conrado #ValentinesDay2015 #love #romance #VDay2015 #relationships

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