Pure, Unadulterated Shock

Life pauses, as it would when you hit pause on the remote, to grab a glass of water. The t.v. pause is much more instant, the real-life one a slow, foggy halt. Inside the moment, you view life in 3-D, without fluorescent glasses: the old telephone the man is using, how is he still using such an old phone you wonder, complete with its curly cord; the glasses as they sit far down his nose, you'd like to try that look one day; the re-assurance in his voice and the strength in his confidence -- you want to take it home with you.

Saying it's hard to believe is an understatement, here I will overstatement it. Inside, your heart takes flight, as the body emulates an earthquake. You examine your hand and deduce only a slight movement in the index finger. Confusion comes back, as you feel your body in a state of quiver. Oh, this must be real shock you say. Tears swell up and hide back, denying you the pleasure of a full blown cry and leaving your head warm and eyes glassy - the cry docks himself at bay. Walking out the door and saying goodbye, suddenly requires an effort. Is it back to checking your phone for messages and enjoying the thrill of putting on your favorite coat? You don't care about the design and the soft, furry collar and yet... once on, its warmth fills you up with comfort. 

There's a pit forming in your stomach now, as it would when you go to bed without dinner. The pit will become your travel companion and keep you company for the next few days. It's where the cry anchored himself, stirring up a hurricane made especially for you...

-Fabiola Conrado #shortstories #goodmorning

Photo: Benjamin James Photography, according to his blog, this shot was taken on a "miserable day."

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