New Week, New Opportunities

Good morning. It's a frigid start here in the Northeast with all of 2 degrees. I thought I read my phone wrong, when I turned off the alarm, I had to double check. It'll reach the "high" of 16 however. Last winter we endured blizzard after blizzard and this one so far is just really freaking cold. Even though it's ridiculous outside, I'd still like to go ice skating and/or skiing soon. Sitting in a hot tub sounds amazing or a hot sauna - I could hang out in one of those forever...

I'm patiently waiting for my tea to brew, but I'm really jonsen' for it. Ok so it's Monday again, this day is always creepen' up on us. Most of America has off today in celebration of our Presidents, but not I, I will work through anything evidently. At least it will be a nice, quiet day to catch up on things. For those of you joining me in a work day, let's see if we can shed some light on it...

Who Cares If It's 2 Degrees Outside, 
It Will Still Be A Wonderful Day

This Week Will Be Successful

Spring Is Right Around The Corner

The Days Are Getting Longer

Do What You Have To Do 
To Make It Happen

No Judgements

Shine Your Light Bright

You Are Beautiful

Yoga Vibes



xo Fabi #goodmorning #winter2015 #happymonday 

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