Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave

Good morning. I'm traveling for the next few days and today I'm heading to Philadelphia and tomorrow I'm back to my birthplace of Boston (well technically I was born in Worcester, it's closer to Salem than Boston). I haven't been to these cities in ages. I especially love Philadelphia and the history there, in particular in Old Town, as it's considered "America's most historic square mile." It's where William Penn first settled (English entrepreneur and early Quaker) in 1644 and where Betsy Ross sewed the American Flag, to name a few historical landmarks. I like this kind of good, clean fun. There is also a thriving restaurant and bar scene to check out. I'm going to have a busy trip, so hopefully I'll get to do everything I have planned in my head, besides what I'm going there to really do (work).

Betsy Ross introducing the flag, by artist Jean Leon Gerome, 1777

Sir William Pen, by Sir Peter Lely, painted 1665–1666

xo Fabi #wanderer #dreamer #needtofocus #forgetaboutit

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