It's Gonna Be A Great Week

Good morning. Another storm blew in overnight and the snow has yet to stop. The National Weather Service said it will turn into sleet and rain later, great. So much snow! There are piles of it in my front yard. Compared to summer when we're outside most of the day, in the winter, it's an inside life, for the most part. If you're dressed properly, it's doable and even nice to walk around in the snow; of course with full winter gear in tact. Meanwhile, my sisters are running around in 75 degree weather in Florida. I do talk a lot about the weather I know, what can I say, I like it.

It was a rough crawl out of bed this a.m., with the Monday morning blues taking over. I need to snap out of it and look at the positive, as I have a big week ahead of me. I did have a great hot yoga session yesterday. Never mind that I almost passed out from the heat, it was a new yogi and she challenged us with new positions. I can now touch my head onto the floor when doing a front stretch and one day I plan to do a hand stand (as if anyone cares). Did you watch the Superbowl? Unlike most New Yorkers, I'm happy the Patriots won!, as Boston is my birthplace.

Good Morning Grumpy

Who Cares About The Snow/Sleet/Rain,
It's Still Going To Be A Great Day

More Good Things Are Coming

This Week Will Be Successful

Monday's Are The Best

You Are Beautiful


Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Espresso

Toast, Croissant, Bagels so good

New Month, New Opportunities

Think Positive, It Works

 had so much fun with these women at the new hot spot, adoro lei in soho this past weekend**

good times with this crew as always

xo Fabi #happymonday #winter2015 #adorolei #love #snowsnowsnoooooow

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