Hello Sweet Thing

Great morning to you. The most sacred day of the week has arrived. Wooooo. All the hardcore worker warriors know what I'm talking about. It's nice to work hard and relax hard, you get to really enjoy the relax. The time has come to wind down, chill the mind, forget about any strange interactions between weirdos who aren't nice, let go of the need to finish everything on the to do list, daydream a bit and daze through the day, until it's all fully released.

Personally I like to kick-start the weekend with a fire and a well-deserved glass of vino and some other goodies (take that one as you will, but I was thinking some good food) ;>

Have a most fabulous weekend, xx**

-Fabiola Conrado #peace #love #wafflesanddinges #TGIF !

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