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How many times have you read or heard people say, "Think positive." It's almost a cliché or maybe it already is one. They make it sound so simple. There are countless articles and books written on the subject, as well as everyone, including your best friend and neighbor who will tell you to do so. If we're in a dark place, it's not always that easy to think positive. It would be much easier to grumble and revel in the discontent. My life sucks, this sucks, everything sucks, the world sucks. Once a month my hormones take over and that is just about what they tell me to think (don't get me started on Monday mornings, grrrr).

Some days the sun doesn't shine, deadlines get the best of us, people are not nice, arguments happen and whatever else are just not "good times." Yet we still have jobs to do, our kids to play with, ambitions to feed, errands to run, bills to pay, you know...life. We can't let a miserable mood interfere, so we put a smile on our face and faux it. Some may think doing this instead of "dealing" with the situation, is not the right thing to do.

I think just the opposite. Life goes on and so must we (this statement being the epitome of positivity). As it does, the positives do their best to set the grumpy mood aside, smile (literally, they make themselves smile) and move on. The space allows the brain to process what happened subconsciously, without it taking over. When they look back with a clear perspective, a solution usually presents itself (if it's even needed). They may even think the situation was laughable (maybe, doubtful).

I used to train people to become servers in restaurants and I would tell them: "If you've had a bad day and you don't want to be here, well.....too bad." Just kidding. That's what I was thinking, what I really said was: "Forget about your bad day and for the next five hours, serve everyone with a smile, as if you're the happiest person in the world, it'll eventually stick." I gave this advice out of necessity. I couldn't have them running around being miserable with long faces, this would lead to bad service and unhappy customers. Now I'm giving this advice on my blog: if you're having a bad day (or week...or month?), let it go for now, smile and serve yourself as if you're the happiest person in the world...

-Fabiola Conrado #goodmorning #winter2015 #flowerpower #peace

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