Close To Perfect

You are part of me now, there's no denying that. I find you in the shadows of my mind when a wave gently splashes against a rock or far beyond at the horizon, while searching for the sun. There you are again in between the cold bitten trees, as they hurry along...on the passing train. I love you. We're human, we've made mistakes in love, but we all deserve to be loved, don't we?

We've had times we'll cherish to our very last breath. We've journeyed through tunnels, playing hide and seek, only finding ourselves. Through the cold and darkness, we conjured up the sun, becoming stronger and brighter. There is no perfect love, I know that now. I used to think it was supposed to be...perfect. How naive, a despondent fantisizer, searching for a utopian fairytale. I'm ok with it now, getting close, because that's you, close to perfect.

I think I believe in true love, as its appeared when I've least expected it. There you were, standing there innocently looking, while the complexities floated around your aura. Some think love is a state of insanity, where reality escapes. There are no right answers when it comes to it, it's all encompassing. The only one truth we have is when the warm tear falls down the side of our cheek, then we know for sure, yes...we do love.

-Fabiola Conrado #ValentinesDay2015 #VDay2015 #love #romance #winter2015

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