Looking For The Answers

Great morning to you, it's Friday, woooo. This week was so short thanks to Juno. Boston was hit much harder than New York however. We did get a lot of snow here and for the first huge blizzard, I'm going to say it was fun. It also brought a snow day for the children and boy did they love that.

Normally the sun is rising about now and as I look outside, I see a new storm has landed right on top of us and is keeping the sun hostage. We're in for even more falling crystals today, however the weather forecasters call it "nuisance snow." My son is loving it. He steps right into them and gets buried right up to his waist. He could care less if he's cold. I'm a little more finicky and can't quite deal with picking up the ice cold snow and throwing snow balls. I'm going to have to make an effort however, as I'll have no choice when the munchkin throws one right at my head.

On that note, it's mama time and that means it's time to get the weekend started with some music. Please by all means, put some headphones on and join me if you can. These tracks are really nice to chill with and watch the snow fall, while sipping on some tea...

crazy cool video too

wait for it

in the pouring rain...

Welcome to the weekend**

xo Fabi #goodmorning #glassanimals #ratatat #cagetheelephant #TGIF #winter2015

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