Hot/Crazy Women Matrix

This chart stemmed from a video that was posted online. Sure there will be women out there who will object to it, because they believe some of the young men it talks to will believe it and are being taught to scrutinize women's looks. Well, that's all true, but it's a joke and a damn good one! Pay close attention, because evidently it took this guy 46 years to figure it out...

(Before you read any more of this post, it would make the most sense for you to watch the video first). Coming from an at least a 7-crazies' perspective, here are some celebrities I'll throw into the matrix...

Lindsay Lohan, I'll give her an 8 crazy and 7 hot - Danger (obv). Tara Reid, I'll say the same as Lindsay in crazy, 8 and little lower on the hot though unfortunately, 6 - Danger Zone again. Brandi Glanville, 9 crazy and 9 hot - Danger (shocker). My best friend, 8 crazy and 8 hot - Fun/Date Zone (luckily I have many best friends).

This matrix would be more fun if we had a woman's guide. Oh yes, there is one and it's hilarious...

Let's look at some male celebrities:

Johnny Depp, from looking at his history with women, I'll give him a 9 in emotional unavailability and a 9 for hot (this could be a 10, but when he wears all those chains, scarfs and necklaces all at once, it knocks him down a notch) - Danger. Brad Pitt, I don't really need to say the hot level here, as we're all well aware, as for the emotional unavailability, I'm gonna go with a 4 or 5 - he's got like a 100 kids - Prince Charming! George Clooney, I'm gonna go with an 8 for emotional unavailability and an 8 for hot, an 8 is good, that body oh my god - Fun/Date zone.

Those hot and emotionally unavailable men are the same as crazy to me.

xo Fabi. #goodmorning #hilarity

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