Do I Love You?

Great morning on this winter Friday. The cold has settled in and wearing coats, scarfs, gloves, sweaters, boots, long johns sometimes, layers and whatever other tricks people do to stay warm has become the norm. Far cry from the days not so long ago, of wearing a bathing suit in our free time, with the hopes of laying by a pool that day. On the "warmer" days, I think I overdress and so I go rogue and unzip my coat to walk around...ten minutes later, I'm fumbling around to find my zipper while being honked at by on-coming traffic.

In case you're wondering (as I'm sure you have been), we have a Waxing Crescent moon today and it looks like this right now...

Our closest star is now up and slowly rising. The New Moon happened this week, it would have been completely dark at one point. It could have happened during the day so no one would have noticed. Wednesday morning, it changed from "waning" to "waxing," preparing for the next full. Maybe I'll throw a full moon party.

The weekend is here, so exciting. Not because I don't like my job or what I do, but to have free time every second to do whatever. The main thing I want to do is have fun with my angel. Of course I love my mama time too. Maybe I'll get a massage or a facial or go for dinner or catch a movie. Or maybe I'll just catch up some sleep :O

i love this scarf, it's so soft and this necklace i've had for eons and is still a fave.


Have a fabulous weekend**

xo Fabi #goodmorning #TGIF #winter2015, i guess i do a little after all

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