Bright Morning

We'd been together since the pot
things were going so great.
You were welcoming and helpful,
I even talked about you on dates.

We grew apart, things changed
and I sat close to a steel table.
It was dusty, needed cleaning;
it would have to wait.

The earth rotates and the moon is sunlit;
the stars glisten and call, can you hear it?
The spirits evoked by the universe they fly,

with spells, candles and the blink of an eye.
Gifts accepted, amends were made-
by the ruler, the king, the lord of the day.

The pull is strong, the stars are bright,
take this now,
the timing is right.
With belief there is always a chance, 
for at least, one more dance.

-Fabiola Conrado #goodmorning #winter2015 

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