A Glass Of Red Wine Please

Great Friday morning. Slow and easy January continue. For some it's a busy time, start of the year and all that. In New York, it's a slow time. Probably because everyone is hungover. I don't like to drink a lot (anymore), but I like a glass of red wine or a bourbon on the rocks. I'm a little bored of cocktails these days and champagne gives me a headache, even the best of them.

I dreamt of an old bottle of red wine with a nice label, I can almost picture it now. All I remember is opening it and being very excited. I do have a bottle like that in my wine "cellar" (rack) that I'll have to uncork later for a treat. Right now, I'll stick with this chai tea I'm chillen' with, the spices the makers - or the machine - put in are so tasty. What do you have planned for the weekend? The only thing I planned is to play the whole thing by ear.

What I do know is that I'm going to start the weekend with music, always a good idea. Care to join?...

How Soon Is Now, The Smiths

Fascination Street, The Cure

Down In It, Nine Inch Nails

Blue Monday, New Order

Have the most fabulous weekend**

xo Fabi  #thesmiths  #neworder  #thecure  #goodmorning  #TGIF

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