What Kids Want

As children get bigger and bigger, there are new "ways of working" for moms and pops to figure out. My son for example, is at an age where he would rather look up mummies, graveyards and old ships than cuddle with me on the couch. All kids are different, but in general they all want...

Playtime, all the time. Toddler years sure, once school starts however, life starts to get serious. Kids just starting "real" school, have a hard time grasping the concept that school is for learning and home is for play. The excitement when they get home and see their toys is out of this world though.

Cartoons, all the time. I should have never introduced that large electronic thing to begin with. I tried to take the cue from my cousin, who has no television in her house and raised her three children that way! She's also strung out on coffee (as if I'm not). I do like the hour break here and there with #Netlflix movies and educational shows - ok, SpongeBob every now and then, to my complete disagreement.

Tablet, Computer, Inotab when there's down time. How about a book or the use of their imaginations instead? (As I type on my new, cute google computer, ya'll should see it). My generation didn't grow up with the technology age and we turned out just fine (?!). I'll go to the grave telling my kid he should be reading a book instead.

Candy and snacks for breakfast. That's what we get for dressing up and getting them excited about Halloween. The day after is confusing for them to be told they can't have it! "No candy until the afternoon." In one ear and out the other. So we hide it until after they've had their proper breakfast. Even though we know very well they're going to find it and have a morning feast everyday until it's gone.

To Stay Up Late. It's like a dream come true for them. The later they can stay up the better. The best is when you let them and then go and check on them and they're fast asleep. They look like such little, angelic beings from another planet when they're sleeping, don't they?

To Run. Running must be how we are supposed to move as humans. Cave men had to run in order to catch the day's meal and both the men and women had to outrun predators. Babies come out of the womb with a running nature. When they can finally walk, they toddle around and slowly gain speed. Once they've fully strengthened their legs, they're off and you'll be lucky to see any resemblance of them for the next six years, other than a twirl of wind passing you by.

To wear black. This may be particular to my munchkin, but he would like to wear mainly black clothing and clothes with zippers he is saying. When I left for yoga the other day, I wore black tights with a black sports bra, he told me he thought I looked beautiful. He then proceeded to tell me, "Now you see why I like to wear black mama?" I've been trying to comply with his requests and purchase black garments for him; however, I have a bit of a stigma with black regalia...as it's all I wore in NYC for ten years and I'd like to incorporate other colors into our lives.

Things, things, lots of things everywhere. Contrary to a minimalist decor that some may like to maintain, children like "things" everywhere. Little piles of old magnets, broken pieces of toys, strings, pretend coins, random puzzle pieces, small chunks of soap...whatever are the most odd ball of objects, you'll find in a corner somewhere in a house with children. God forbid we try and clean them up because... "I NEED THAT." Okay (?).

Moms and pops on the other hand want...quiet time, drama/suspense shows, salads, prosciutto de parma, lattes, elated go to bed early nights and stillness. We compromise with children and entertain their wants, because it means whatever we're doing is working...as the precious little people are thinking for themselves and making their own decisions - maybe not always the right ones - but still their own.

(We win).

-Fabiola Conrado #parenting #love #munchkins #kiddies #adorables

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