Things I Wish My 5yo Didn't Do

Use the hand soap and shaving gel for his "bathroom experiments." I'm constantly buying these things. What on earth goes on behind that closed door? At least they smell really clean.

Love to cut everything out. Part of his homework is to cut things out and paste them. He loves it!, and doesn't stop with homework. He moves on to the Christmas tree branches, my not yet red magazine subscriptions, important school notices and blank pieces of printer paper (tree waste anyone?).

Ride his bike in the house. It's gigantic...compared to his trike.

Run through the house. Last year, maybe, this year? No way, he's a whole foot taller.

Get his own milk. This one I don't mind too much as it shows he is growing up and doing things on his own. However, it's a little heavy for him still and he tends to make a mess, when he tries to pour it into his sippy (yes he still likes his sippy).

Miss the target when going potty. Pinesol and I have a very special relationship.

Leave the restroom without flushing the toilet.

Climb onto my shoulders, scream and demand. Those three things could happen simultaneously or as separate occurrences.

I try and not complain too much because I know I may miss all of this when he's all grown up. (?!?!?!?).

Things I Wish He'll Never Stop Doing

Tell me he loves me. After the infant and toddler years with no reinforcement from him, it's nice to be recognized.

Whisper secrets into my ear. Well not really secrets, more like whispery sounds combined with what sounds like a question.

Ask to help me, while I'm cleaning out the fridge. Adorable, sweet thing.

Make "scenes" out of his lego and ask me to be the actor, complete with "action!" Future film maker?... Mamas like to dream.

Play "pretend."

Tell me tales from kindergarten. Fun stories such as "Lucas is President of the boys," or "The boys are having a meeting because Michael is trying to bully us." Yesterday's was, "Gym was canceled because the coach said Ms. Claye has ants in her pants."

I know when I walk through the house and see stuffed animals, coloring books, night lights, small toothbrushes, bath toys, little jeans, tiny gloves, drawings, lego creations or when I think of his belief in Santa, his love of sleepovers, Peppa Pig's oink and the kisses, hugs and tickles...that yes it's true, I will miss these early years one day...and all the messy that comes with them.

-Fabiola Conrado #parenting #kids #kindergarden #adorables #angels  

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