The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 5

#RHOBH has started again. This season, they've added more actresses to the mix, Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. Both of these women are soap opera stars. I recognize Lisa Rinna, as she has been in a lot of the #Lifetime movies I like to watch, she's also married to Harry Hamlin, who stars in Mad Men as Jim Cutler, in the last seasons. Also, you can't forget those lips. Eileen has been nominated multiple times for a Daytime Emmy for various soap operas. I don't recognize her, as I stopped watching soaps when I was 12, although word is that she may have been on then. Lisa, Kyle, Kim, Brandi and Yolanda are also back, while Joyce and Carlton got the boot.

Yolanda made the cut and she's still married and living on the beach. She has a beautiful house whom she shares with her husband, her children as well as five stepdaughters! This sounds like a show in of itself. One of her daughter's lives in New York City and is a model and a college student, while the other lives with her in Malibu. Yolanda battles lime disease, which is transmitted via the bite of an infected tick. She doesn't know when she got it, but has been battling it for three years. She travels the world trying to find a cure and is open to holistic as well as Western medicines. She's a sweet, Dutch lady, who has some funny things coming out of her mouth every now and then too.

Kyle and Kim are also back. I'm glad because I'm a fan of any sisters. I come from a family of 4 sisters, so I understand this type of relationship pretty well. Like all sisters, Kim and Kyle have their ups and downs. What's nice about them, is that they make an effort to put the downs behind them and keep their family together. This is important for sisters because one sister is never always at fault, it takes two. In some families, there are sisters who push the other away because of their own family drama, instead of leaning on them. Kyle is also a mother of four daughters and reminds me a bit of my own mama.

Lisa and Ken are still married and going strong. While Ken is grouchy, he is his wife's biggest fan and that is nice to see. Lisa has another show, but don't bother with it, because it's not very good - unless you like watching wait staff ignore their tables. Lisa and Brandi have some friendship repairing to do this season. Last season, Brandi told all the other women that Lisa was manipulative and a drama starter. I think all the women are drama queens, so there was nothing new there. Lisa is very active and even appeared on Dancing with the Stars, it's amazing how in shape she is and how great she looks, bravo to her! 

Brandi has moved into a new house and that's nice for her and her kids. She's been open about the fact that she and her husband split up and he left her for another woman. Applause to her for taking charge of her life and her kids and getting back on top. Watching her talk to her lawyer on the phone and turning on the stop watch was smart - they do charge by the hour - so no chit chatting about the weather. She and Kyle went for a walk and she called Lisa to thaw out the ice on their friendship. Of course Lisa will accept, they have to film a show together, there's no suspense there #Bravo.

So they're back... Let's see what kind of mischief and drama the women can get into this season. As they've added the actresses, one can only wonder if the show is moving to a more "scripted reality." I'm not a fan of this, as only a few of the women are real actresses. However, with this new talent and Brandi continuously stirring the pot, I'm sure there's going to be plenty of entertainment, lavish parties, shopping sprees, jealousy and backstabbing. It wouldn't be the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills without it!

In order of my faves...

Yolanda H. Foster

Kyle Richards

Lisa Rinna

Kim Richards

Eileen Davidson

Lisa Vanderpump

Brandi Glanville

Who is your favorite so far?

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-Fabiola Conrado #RHOBHS5 #BravoTV #BeverlyHils #Hollywood

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