HoliDAZE 2014

Great morning to you. It's a work Monday for me, but it's the Holidays so it feels like a Friday, woooo. I'm taking the next two weeks off from my blog and I'll be back "next year" with some fresh posts. As always, thank you for reading, you make what I'm doing that much more exciting.

Yesterday was the Winter Solstice (the end of short days) and we're officially into winter, with more sunshine ahead of us (bye bye long nights). The next two weeks are basically party time, I'd be surprised if any real business is conducted. The worker/money side of me kinda wishes it would, but we all know it's a wrap.

It's now a time to reflect on 2014 and I say, only on the good stuff. Some may say, "we need to reflect on the bad so we can learn from our mistakes." I'm sure when the mistakes happened, we dealt with them then. Let's take only the good with us into 2015, why not? Duck all the negative shit! ...Yes, I know I spelled it wrong, feel free to re-say it with the correct word.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you!

Big kisses**

xo Fabi #goodtimes #newyear #winter2014

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