Queen Of The Cone

Grab a bowl in the shape of a banana and decide which flavors to start with. This is tricky because when flavors are mixed together, it can either be a good thing or a bad thing. The professional should really be the one to make these decisions, as they're sure to have tried all the variety of flavors mixed together ten times over, when they've been bored silly.

Opt for vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream. All vanilla is too plain, too much strawberry is too sweet and too much chocolate is too rich - a balance is best. Next are the toppings, more decisions. Pineapple on top of chocolate, no good. Some prefer hot strawberry syrup on top of strawberry ice cream, too sweet. Then there's the hot strawberry syrup on top of chocolate ice cream, this one actually works. The way it's supposed to be done is to put the pineapple topping (actual chunks not hot syrup) on top of the vanilla ice cream, strawberry topping on top of strawberry and yes hot chocolate fudge on top of chocolate.

Time is of essence as the ice cream is starting to melt, especially the chocolate, as it has hot fudge on it (and the line is getting longer outside)... Find a nice, new banana. The bruised ones are too soft, save them for banana muffins, customers can tell when they get an old banana. The banana must be hard to be displayed in the bowl, they're the star of the show afterall. Peel it, pull it out and lay it on the counter. Cut it in half longways, starting at the top and down the center to form two long pieces. Lay each one on opposite sides of each other in the bowl, with their insides facing in. (The people in line are starting to wonder what's taking so long).

The bare bones of the masterpiece are complete, now for the fun part.. Grab the whip cream, give it a good shake and go crazy with it. Around each chunk of ice cream, add the whip cream in whatever preferred fashion. Maybe it's a circle or zig zag, if it's a kid - add extra. The next phase is up to the maker, I recommend adding a waffle cone piece to create a sail and showering the whole thing with rainbow sprinkles and chopped nuts. The very last thing is adding the cherries..one, two, three and four in the mouth, vuala...the perfect banana split.


this one in particular is a little too conservative for my taste

my palace for three years...many, many moons ago

-Fabiola Conrado #twisteetreat #icecream #bananasplits #hotfudgesundaes #rootbeerfloats #love #killedmysweettooth #icecreamforlunchanddinner #icecreamdreams 
All pics by Twistee Treat Hanley Road's foursquare

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