New Week, New Things

Good morning. It's quiet, dark and rainy outside. I am probably one of the few who like rainy days, they're calming and nice to nap in. Although today isn't a nap day, it's a get motivated to make magic happen day (for me anyway). I napped enough on the weekend, I'm good.

Went to a Japanese steakhouse this past weekend, it was so fun, showy and delicious, I crave them. I was a little disappointed with the sauces, no one can duplicate the "yummy yummy" and "goody goody" from Benihana, so good. I may be asleep typing right now...

Wake Up Grumpy

Work Mode

Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Chai Tea Latte, 
Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Espresso

Monday's Are Amazing


Flowers Are Hanging On

You Are Beautiful

Today Will Be Successful 

This Week Will Be Wonderful

Family, Turkey, Thanksgiving Time 

Be Thankful




Good Morning

xo Fabi #fall2014 #thanksgiving2014 #hippiespirits #peace #love #workmode

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