How To Fall Asleep If You Have Insomnia

One thing I'm sure I'm an expert on is sleeping. Some have problems sleeping, I have problems staying awake. Just jokes, I have lots of energy when I'm awake; however, I do like a comfy bed or couch. I've had insomnia before though, so I know how it can be to "wake-up" in the morning and not have slept much.

The other day it looked like it was going to be one of those nights. I was mindful of it and decided I wasn't going to let it ruin my sleep and it worked, I slept well. Here are ways to ensure you have a good night's sleep when the insomnia kicks in...

Write it out. If something is on your mind that you can't shake, it'll stay there until you get it out. Jot your thoughts down in a journal and let them all go there. Once they're out it's done and you can lay your pretty head on the pillow and snooze away.

Talk it out. Pick up the phone and call a friend you trust (key word being trust here). You can tell a good friend anything and they'll listen without judgement and maybe even offer some ideas if it's an issue that's keeping you up. Most likely they'll make you laugh, which solves everything in my book. If no one is around, see first point above.

Read. Create a cozy environment in your room; night light next to your bed, maybe light a candle if you can and lay in the bed and enjoy the surroundings. Nix the page turners or you'll stay up all night reading. A magazine does the trick here, as you can read a good article and close your eyes to rest after and off you go. The phone has a blue light that causes the brain to stay in wake-up mode fyi.

Meditate. The best way to meditate is to sit cross-legged on the floor. The reason for this is because if you meditate laying down, you may drift off into sleep - perfect. As I'm sure anyone who meditates knows, this is the best trick to fall asleep. Lay in the bed and think of nothing, dismiss thoughts as they enter into your mind. Before you know it the sun is rising.

Make yourself a nice cup of tea. Chamomile or any tea without caffeine works. Hot water with a squeeze of lemon is also soothing. Enjoy the heat of the cup in your hands, the hot liquid will sooth your insides and create a sense of calm. This works best as the night starts to wind down and you begin getting ready for bed.

Focus on dreaming. Tell yourself you want to dream and look forward to the movies that will soon play in your mind. Think of other dreams you had or try to remember them, this will prepare the mind for dreaming and sleeping.

Chant the word "sleep." Chant silently in your head as you're laying comfortably in the bed. It will be hard for other thoughts to get through, as your mind is being dominated by the word sleep. Sharp focus on the chant is key, soon enough the mind will listen.

Good night, Good morning.

Photo by: Gregory H. Revera
-Fabiola Conrado #trickstosleep #insomniacures #insomnia #healthylifestyling 

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