Chocolate Croissant

Good morning. What a great weekend it was, I hope it was for you too. Halloween is always such a fun time of year. Thanksgiving is just around the corner so the party doesn't stop. We can rest in January, that'll be perfect because it'll be freezing then and great to lounge around. The winter is coming...

Be Thankful Month

November 2014

I'm Thankful For So Many Things

Work Mode

Tea, Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Chai Tea, Chai Tea Latte

You Are Beautiful

A New Week Is Calling - Pick Up 

Let Go Of Negativity... Just Do It

Today Will Be Wonderful

This Week Will Be The Most Successful One Yet


And now if you like, please enjoy some of my favorite pics from the weekend :O

falling in love with fall on a halloween morning
super vamp
 vee vant to suck your blood
 pre-trick or treat goodness
pick me up
 ready to pound some pavement
 patiently waiting for the next victim

 the winter is coming
 bedford love

Good morning

xo Fabi #superwoman #superman #vampires #cuties #angels #adorables #sweet

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