All Good Things

Good morning. I"m taking a week off and in the meantime I'd like to take a quick second to thank you for reading my blog. I started it last January as a place to write each morning, not knowing if I would have any readers. Almost a year later and people are reading, and I'm grateful. I hope it's at least mildly entertaining.

The week sure has flown by, it's hard to believe it's Thursday already. I welcome it as the week starts to wind down. For those in the food and beverage world, they're just winding up, with Friday and Saturday being their busiest. Those in the medical field also work non-traditional shifts. My sister is a nurse and she has the best agenda in my opinion. She works three days straight from 7am to 7pm, followed by four full days off.

Doctors are always working, I don't know if they get any time off. My pops was always on call while we were growing up and heading off to the hospital in the middle of the night, after his long days. He's finally relaxed his calendar a bit and has been "retiring," for about seven years now.

Speaking of hospitals, my friend had a newborn baby girl yesterday. Adorable was born in the late afternoon, on the coldest day we've had since last winter. She must have known, as she didn't want to come out the natural way. Newborns are so sweet and cuddly and grow so fast. My son has changed so much, while I think I have stayed exactly the same (minus a few new wrinkle lines here and there).

Thanks again for reading and TY universe for...

late night, early rise.

The cozy blanket on my legs.

it's shivering cold outside.

Hot tea.

to leave my cozy couch.

Munchkin kisses.

Lunch with my cousin,
all the way from Budapest.

"You're the best mama" comments,
 from my angel.

Wishing all the Americans a happy Thanksgiving Holiday*

xo Fabi #thanksgiving2014 #fall2014 #turkeydays #peace #love #goodmorning

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