You're Not Allowed To Be Happy It's Friday

Great morning to you. It's Friday, woooooo. It could be raining cats and dogs outside and it would still be a fabulous day. At my first job, I wrote "TGIF" on a big, dry erase board. The head of the company came into our cube area, erased it and left. Sorry for loving my home, family and friends? Such a contrast to other companies I've worked at, where there have been bars in the lobby, gyms, fishing trips and ...summer Fridays - office closing at noon.

Kudos to them for recognizing we have interests outside of work, and encouraging it. They trust we're doing our jobs and that if we don't have non-work activity, it can lead to burn out. We're much better motivated, re-freshed, and happy. That anti-Friday guy was actually a very nice person and that one strange act came out of nowhere, so all good (at least he had given us cube people a good Friday morning laugh).


Voy a empezar el fin de semana con música

Little Black Submarines, The Black Keys

Gold Dust Woman, Fleetwood Mac

Immigrant Song, Led Zeppelin

Holding On For Life, Broken Bells

3am Eternal, KLF
because to this day, i still have no idea what they're saying in the chorus...anyone?

Have a fabulous weekend, xo.

-Fabiola Conrado #theblackkeys #fleetwoodmac #ledzeppelin #brokenbells #klf #goodmorning #tgif

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