You Know You're A Parent Of A Small Child When...


Are the constant clean, it gets messy, you clean it gets messy... Finally you accept defeat and are happy knowing the floors are mopped and the counters are wiped down. You'll revel in your work later, when small child is in bed.

Have given up on trying to have a "kid play space." It doesn't exist, the whole place is theirs, why do we kid ourselves?

Finally realize it's true, they really do cry about nothing and to get their way.

Have a permanent fort built where your dining room is supposed to be and leave it because, it's kinda fun in there!

Finally get a free moment to turn on the t.v. and watch a grown-up show, maybe with some suspense or dark mystery and instead are greeted with The Good Night Show on Sprout and your eye does a slight twitch.

Are scared to open to the door to their room, because you know it will look like someone started World War III in there and you are the chosen one to clean it...unless you can bribe them with candy or a new toy.

The whole water-all-over-the floor, from the bath thing... You can't complain too much about it, because they're having fun! (Constant Cleaner).

Find a special kind of calm (and even a little giggle inside) when they get really tired from a long walk or an uphill bike ride, maybe they'll go to bed on the early side tonight? Fail, they're more energetic than ever and you're the one who's wiped out.

Cuddle next to them in bed and can't believe how lucky you are, to have such a wonderful person to share your life with.

Can't wait for Halloween to go trick or treating.

Spend the whole day with a grin on your face, because small person said you were "the best mama ever."

Love putting up Halloween decorations, just to see the look of excitement on their face when they see them and you kinda like them a lot too.

Pick out their little outfit to wear to school and smell their clean clothes, then wonder how it's even possible such a small, little person is even in school...when they used to be your little baby.

Want to squeeze them to death while playing "school," because they're so cute, while pretending to be the teacher.

Contemplate turning your house into a haunted house at Halloween, but know it will never happen, because you're just too damn busy. (Big kudos to those who do, you rock my world you know).

And the last reason you know you're a parent of a small child is when you.... couldn't imagine life without them, because everyday life is funny and full of more love and happiness, with the munchkins in it.

xo Fabi. #goodmorning #parenting #kiddies #adorables #munchkins #kisses #huggies

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