The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 8 Review

I don't think anyone cares much about what's going on with any of the other NJ housewives, except for Teresa. I know I'll skip through to her parts. The other women, are almost un-watchable. I tried and and the accent coming from the twins, was enough to hit the forward button. Now I know why they call it "fast" forward. I'm a natural mimic and if I watch the twins too much, I will start talking like them. I just did it and I'm way too good at it. Please God, don't let it stick.

This week, something FINALLY happened, on Watch What Happens LIVE with Andy Cohen. He had Teresa and Joe Giudice on Tuesday night and he asked them so many questions. I don't know why they agreed to the interview, after they were both sentenced to jail time. Teresa looked upset and Andy showed no mercy. I do believe she had no idea what was happening and that Joe maneuvered all the documents. I can easily see her trusting everything her husband said and signing her life away - literally.

You can tell Teresa has learned from it all and isn't as materialistic anymore. Joe even seems to not care about material things anymore either, as he told Andy he purchased two suits for $250. I hope he's careful standing up and down, those suits may just split right at the seams. He said they were Italian, so maybe they're ok after all. Teresa is a very strong person to do the interview. She spoke frankly and surprisingly, positive. She said they would get through it and she would be fine. Andy asked her if she was worried about losing her temper in jail and she said, "No one can push her buttons anymore."

After what they've been through, petty drama from bored housewives would probably make her laugh vs. flipping a table. Teresa and Joe are the most interesting people to watch on reality t.v. right now. I do feel for their daughters, they are all so beautiful. Teresa begins her sentence in January and her daughters will stay with their father. When she returns, Joe will go in for multiple years. Applause for them, for doing the interview and getting in front of the gossip rags. I wish nothing but the best for Teresa, Joe and their family. I'm sure this is when being a celebrity is no fun.

There are others on the show, who have been outshined. Melissa is still on. What happened to her singing career? I guess she left it behind in the house, with the studio. It looks like Joe has her selling trucks, she's not gonna like sales. Joe is looking fit and is always supportive of his sister, that's really nice. Seeing Jackie's tears and struggles with her son's autism, is something I've never seen on t.v. before. She deserves accolades for shedding light on the disorder. Dina's tagline, "namaste, bitches" is confusing. Is she spiritual or not? The twins are outgoing and can be funny. Their accents are over the top. I would love to hear them try and do a non-Jersey accent. To the defense of people from Jersey, they don't all talk like that.

Amber and Jim are stirring up some drama this season. Jim has some funny lines he's said. The new people on the show are always fun to watch, as they don't filter themselves as much. With no filter you'll see lines such as, "I will laugh my balls off when everyone finds out what Bobby is doing behind Teresa's (Teressa) back." Another funny one was when Jim was telling us (the audience) how he would take people down by suing them and such. I wouldn't want to get on his bad side. Finally, there's Rosie, she and her girlfriend broke up and she seems to be moving on. Bravo should give Rosie her own show, on finding love. With her funny personality, it would be an interesting one to watch.

Are you watching this season of RHONJ? Who is your favorite?

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