Sunrise On A Great Morning

I'm so happy it's Friday. It was a busy week and now it's finally time to wrap things up, finish the week's to do list, let go of any negativity encountered, start to unwind and focus on chillen'. The weather is such a tease. It's been nice and warm here in NY the past few days, it's been easy to remember summer.

Halloween is in two weeks and my angel has finally settled on being a vampire. First he wanted to be a mummy, because he's into The Adventures of Tin Tin right now, he thinks he's Tin Tin. A vampire it is then, I can't wait to get him all dressed up. I already know what I'm going to be, the same thing I am every year, a witch of course.

It's nice and quiet here, I'm going to veg out to some music and wait for the first light to break...

All I Need, Air

Sadeness - Part 1, Enigma
i want a feather pen

Face, Phillip Phillips

Pure Morning, Placebo

xo Fabi #greatmorning #moretea #dayisdawning #fall2014 #halloween #tgif

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