September is always such a fast month. It's transitional. October is real fall, there's no pretending here. Some leaves are already changing their color and I have a bright yellow tree in front of my home. Pretty. OND, as we call it in the industry (Oct/Nov/Dec), is a great time of the year, lots of fun stuff to look forward to. It makes the sting of loosing summer all better.

I like to dress up and play witch in October. My little munchkin loves playing pretend and so do I. He gets so scared with some of the spooky things, it's hilarious. Hehehehehe. Halloween is my favorite holiday. There are haunted houses to go to, pumpkin patches to play in, October fests to check out, pumpkins to carve, treats to trick and many other things going on. I would like this month to go a little slower than last, but the only way to do that is to sit around and do nothing...that doesn't sound bad either.

Welcome October 2014

Good morning moonshine...

xo Fabi. #breakfast #fall2014 #pumpkinseason

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