No Grumps Allowed

Good morning. It's wicked early and it's cold (44 outside). This is the first cold morning we've had, it's going to warm up to a high of 70. We'll have mainly cool days and a few warm days/nights snuck in there this month. It's getting close to flipping wardrobe time. I still look at my summer clothes when I open my closet. I think I'll keep it for another few weeks, I'm a summer-wearing, fashion rebel like that.

The whole fashion transition is kind of fun. This season, I'm going to bring back the early 1900's I think. (Around 1905). I love those long dresses, the gorgeous hats with large flowers and capes for coats. That just might be me, a modern version of it at least. I hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did. Monday morning is back and today is not so bad for some reason, maybe because I slept most of the weekend.

Good Morning Starshine

A New Week Is Here

Time To Get Organized

Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Espresso


Today Is Going To Be A Fabulous Day

This Week Will Be Really Successful

Getting Work Done Feels Good





It Will All Work Out

Be Free

Good Things Are Coming

xo Fabi. #peace #love #smile #goodvibeshere #goodmorning

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