Moving On

A season has passed
uNtil nExt yEar
making room for anew
fUn lIttle fRiend
Fires, blankets and wood  
wE hAd gOod tImes
replacing sprinklers, pools and sweat
tO aLways rEmember 
Flowers struggle to hang on 
iT wAs gReat wHile iT lAsted
to their very last breath
bUt iT's tIme tO mOve oN
It's different now 
tHere's mOre oN tHe hOrizon
a new way of life
wIth tHis tRansformation
Crisp cool air
wE cAn sTill bE fRiends
is a welcoming change
aNd hAng oUt nExt yEar

Hello Fall, gOodbye sUmmer, love you, miss you xo

-Fabiola Conrado #goodmorning #fourseasons #fall2014 #tea #coffee #breakfast

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