#JOMO Is Where I'm At

When #fomo came out, was I the only one who thought it was a strange hashtag to become popular? #fomo is fear of missing out. When I first saw it, my eye brow couldn't go any higher. This is how I think now, ask me this ten years ago and I may have agreed with #fomo. There was a time when I thought I had to go to every new restaurant opening, attend every new art opening, make sure and see the latest hot, indie band play...the list went on and on and it was exhausting.

I don't even know why I wanted to do it. I think it was a simple fact of just needing to get out of my super small, studio. I tried to make it as cozy as possible, but when the only light that shined in was at 2pm, for fifteen minutes - through the back window - it got on the depressing side every now and then. Naturally, I had to get out and find things to do.

I searched through New York mag and Time Out to give me the latest scoop and I roped in my girlfriends. They were game too, because they too were in the same situation. We all tried to make the best of our little dungeons, but we had to get out. There are so many things to do in the city, you have to do research or you'll end up in places where you'll be unhappy and have a miserable time.

My boyfriend was game too, as he also had the same situation. His was worse actually, as his place was on the bottom level - under the first floor. The original maid's quarters if you will. His front window view was that of tagged trash cans and he had to scurry rats along each morning, as he left for work. To add insult to injury, his slumlord still charged him an outrageous rent, because it was in the middle of Greenwich Village; therefore, #ntgo, need to get out. (He eventually moved out of there).

These days, it almost takes the gathering for a death or the celebration of a birth, to get me to go anywhere. I have a much bigger space now and after living in such small confines for so long, I really don't see the need to go anywhere, except for work. I have everything here (thank you universe) and I could easily become one of those people who never leaves their house for anything, ever. Just playing, I like to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and connect with nature.

I also enjoy going to restaurants, catching up with friends for happy hour, going to music festivals and maybe catch a good DJ at a club (once in a blood moon). "Me" time takes me away from my angel, so it has to be good for me to say yes or to have an interest to extend an invite to someone. Otherwise, you can catch me enjoying simple things such as, farmer's markets, flower farms, coffee shops, bakeries, parks and kid friendly restaurants. I love spending time with the munchkin and having fun with him makes me just as happy, if not more, than anything else.

When I do need "me" time and boy do we ever, the city is there craving for attention. It's different now though, as I'm interested in a new hashtag, #JOMO - the joy of missing out. As long as I'm with friends who like to laugh, we can go anywhere...as long as it has a creative environment, a cool crowd, excellent fresh food, good music, a nice view is always good and thoughtful decor to look at :O I guess the New Yorker in me will never die.

 the, i want to misbehave but i'm not allowed look

 Berg'n, Brooklyn

 -Fabiola Conrado #nyc #berg'n #brooklyn #JOMO 

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