Good Morning Grumpy

It's getting darker earlier at night and it stays dark until the later hours in the morning. Can you imagine all dark days? In parts of Sweden and Norway this is the case for periods of time. They have really long "twilight" periods. I think I would like that.

The Sun is not planning to make an appearance today in NY; however, the forecast says it will come out tomorrow and Wednesday. I don't know if I agree with that. On the radar, I can see large storms making their way East. I think we'll see heavy rain in the next two days. I wouldn't mind some "indian summer" action, so I hope I'm wrong.

Today Is Going To Be A Really Good Day

This Is Going To Be A Lovely, Productive Week

I Love Monday Mornings

Nice, Big Cup Of Hot Tea

Steaming, Hot Cup Of Espresso

Wake Up Grumpy



Don't Judge Others



 i'm the worst enemy of the crawfish

 i want throw pillows at and jump on your back


October is in full effect

xo Fabi #goodmorning #happymonday (that's a funny hashtag and I love it) #peace #love 

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