What I Would Tell My 25yo Self

If I could go back in time and talk to my 25 year old self, here is what I would tell her. . .

Make your passion a priority.  I know you have a lot going on, but make time for your passion. Instead of going out until 3 in the morning, get a good night's sleep and work on it all day on the weekends. Mix it up with some exercise, spirituality and relaxing. I know you, you will be much happier.

Stop partying so much.  You party an awful lot and it's getting you nowhere but hungover. If you must drink, try a nicely aged scotch, whiskey or get into bourbons. Shots are for amateurs, try it on ice, savor its quality and sip on it. All you need is one too sister, those things are strong. If you want to get fancy, try mixology at home by purchasing fresh ingredients and experimenting with the different flavors.

Identify your real friends.  If the only time you hang out with a friend is when you party together, consider inviting him/her on a trip somewhere or to work out or to a concert or a show. These are more enjoyable things to do and that he/she will love. If they don't, it's time to find new friends who have more things going on with some depth and intelligence.

Take up hobbies that will make you happy.  Fill your time with fun hobbies such as taking pictures, gardening, painting, biking, running, singing, doing make-up, playing the guitar, maybe start making your own clothes or jewelry. Don't worry if you don't do them perfectly, they're just fun hobbies and who knows maybe you'll discover a hidden talent, that will turn into a passion.

Love freely.  Live your life and be happy within yourself. If a man doesn't want to be with you it's ok, get over it as quickly as possible, because you do fall in love again. On the other hand, if it's you who is ready to move on, know that he'll be fine, he'll get over you too.

Materialistic things give you short lived happiness.   Spend your money on unique experiences, this is what will make you happy for the long term, do more of them, often. I'm not referring to partying - unless it's a really cool private party that you end up producing. Even then you can't party, you have to be professional.

Start doing yoga now.  It turns out you absolutely love it, it's an amazing experience that connects the mind and body. I know how much you love a good challenge, this will challenge you like no other and lead you on a spiritual path.

Meditate.  You do a little now, but do more and schedule it in, make time for it at least once a day for fifteen minutes. It will bring you focus and balance.

Eat as healthy as possible, but don't always skip dessert, they're good and part of life's pleasures.

There's so much more I would like to tell you, but my time machine is calling me back to 2014. Enjoy your life, trust that it will be a good one, see you later...kiss.

-Fabiola Conrado.

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