The Sun Is Shining

Good morning. It's a beautiful summer morning that feels like fall. It's 52 degrees right now (albeit it's freakish early and no one is up right now) and we'll reach a high of 72 with sunny skies. It will be mainly fall temps from here out with some warm (dare I say hot) days too. This is the last week of Summer, a new season is coming up on it fast. I always love the change of seasons. I'm going to have to find my Halloween and fall decor and start getting it ready. The Holidays are just around the corner and something exciting to look forward to!

This morning I played the horrible snooze game with my alarm. What's better, continuously hitting snooze until you finally wake up or turning snooze off and using the alarm only once? Clearly there is no winner here, but what's the lesser evil? I try to be a positive person, but Monday mornings are just so gloom and doom. My nice, hot tea helped sooth and now I will transform from a cynical and vociferous New Yorker to a positive free spirit. Because if I don't, I won't get jackshit done today (is jackshit a Florida word?)...

 Monday Mornings Are Amazing!

You Are A Beautiful Flower

It Is Still Summer

A New Week Is Here

Today Will Be A Fabulous Day

This Week Will Be Crazy Successful


Wake Up Starshine

Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Latte

Embrace The Fall Temps


Be Free and Happy

I Love Working

Give Peace A Chance

It's A New Day, Make It A Good One

; > Fabiola Conrado. p.s. snooze or no snooze re: alarm?

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