Roof Toppen' And City Hoppen'

Good morning to you on this first full day of fall. Summer is officially over. The city goes right for it with people wearing all black, leather jackets, scarfs, casual ties and jackets yesterday. I haven't seen anyone wear tall boots yet; I'm sure I'll see that today. I won't start with the tall boots until it's unbearable cold on my feet. For the first time, I did have to layer a little yesterday, as there was a cool wind and the high at about 70 mid-day. That's fall alright.

The city does come alive at this time. Everyone is in good spirits with the changing season and fashion. You feel it in the air, a new time, a change. The tourists in Time Square are out in full swing too. I wonder if they know we're right in the middle of a changing season? Most of them are wearing full summer gear and some of them look really cold. We love tourists.

Welcome Autumn

End Of September 2014

Fashion Fun

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

What Are You Gonna Be?

 Cheers to the first day of fall

 Time's Scare


-Fabiola Conrado #autumn #welcomefall2014 #pumpkins #love 

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