Pink Skies, Carnivals And Mud Bugs

Good morning. We had a very warm weekend here in the Northeast. I had quite a busy one running around to different places, hanging out at a carnival and my favorite part, eating crawfish. I'm pretty sure shellfish are my favorite type of food. Everyone up here is wondering if the past weekend was the last warm one. I remember this game from last year. By the time November came, it didn't matter anymore, as the cold days became normal and the warm days slowly faded away.

Yesterday, I woke up at the same time as I did today, with no alarm and somewhat cheerful. This morning, the alarm woke me and I felt as though I weighed a thousand pounds. I received a nice comment from Lyra Scotch, on my post from last Monday. She asked if the affirmations I wrote, are how I talk to myself. The answer here is a definite yes and maybe you like them too. I need all the motivation I can get on a Monday morn...

Monday Mornings Are Fabulous

A New Week Is Here

Today Will Be Successful 

This Week Will Be Wonderful

End Of September 2014

Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Espresso

It's Haunted House Time

Flowers Are Still Blooming

Meetings, Emails, Phone Calls...
I'm Coming For You

Time To Get Organized

I Love Working

Good Things Will Come

xo Fabi. #goodmorning #smile #peace #love #fall2014 

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