Need Coffee Jolt

Good morning starshine. September is upon us and I'm finally getting excited for the fall. I was going through my closet debating whether or not to flip my wardrobe back to fall/winter. I couldn't part with my summer stuff though yet, it's still hot out. I'll just add long sleeves to my summer dresses or somethen' when the time comes. When the fashionables start giving me the hairy eyeball, that will be my queue to switch the whole thing.

The kids go back to school in New York this week* My munchkin played the entire summer break, straight. I got him the cutest little tie for his first day, I'll be lucky if I get him to wear it. In the south, those kids have been back in school a long time ago, they're ahead of the game. Everyone is starting to wake from the dead in the North East. My computer insists it's September 2nd, I keep thinking it's wrong. I'm not feeling it today. I'd better turn it around before I get right back into bed . . .

It's A New Week, It's Going To Be Wonderful!

Today Will Be Productive

It's Still Summer No Matter What They Say

Time To Get Organized

This Week Will Be Successful

It's A Beautiful Day Outside

Refreshed and Ready

Coffee, Tea, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte

-Fabiola Conrado #goodmorning #coffee #now #wakeup #peace #smile 

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