Free Spirits, Happy

Let's all be free, shall we? Forget who you think the "free spirit" types are: gypsies, hippies, wanderers, the girl who always read during lunch break, the "goth" who wore dark lipstick with giant holes in her ears, the ones who always did their own thing anytime, anywhere. What they all have in common though is that they think freely about how they want to live their life and what they want to look like. They don't care what you think, really, they don't.

What to be a free spirit too? Here's are good start . . .

Embrace it . . . Open your mind to learning and growing. If you are set in your ways politically for example and won't even look at a subject because you just don't agree with it, change that. Read up on the topic, learn the opposing points of view, appreciate them and then make your decision. Let's say you're anti-abortion because you "just are." Try and understand the opposing view and if you still disagree, that's fine, you may just realize you do. 

Accept people for who they are . . . Who cares what other people look like or what bad habits they have. If they are a loving person to you and a part of your life, accept them the way they are. If they have a behavior that is harmful to their well-being, invite them to a neutral zone such as a walk or coffee shop and calmly bring up the topic. If this is "too much work," for you, then the least you can do is not judge them.

Identify the barriers to your free spirit . . . Is it work, home, bills? It's ok to feel stress and pressure, we'll never be free of them. How we handle them is what sets us apart. Identify what's stressing you out and address it - take action (free yourself). Sometimes, in our most stressed out moments, the best ideas pop-up in how to handle the situation. 

Do what makes you happy . . . Live your daily life freely with a positive frame of mind, that includes your chores and responsibilities. Maybe it's rewarding yourself for a hard days work, with a delicious chocolate croissant. Maybe it's listening to music you love before you leave for work, at that horrible early hour.

Free yourself from negative thoughts . . . Identify them and turn them around. "My life sucks," try "I have a beautiful life and I'm grateful for it." Even if does suck at that particular moment, tell yourself it is beautiful and it will be. Yes fake it, those who do are showing proof of how strong and free they are.

Free yourself from the constant ego . . . The ego will want to take over and brag to everyone about how fabulous its life is. The ego will try to make people envious and think it is showing itself in a good light. The ego will kill your free spirit. Don't worry what others think and be free - it's more authentic and will shine through like a natural light. 

Embrace your talents . . . Stop letting them nag away at you, feed them. Everyone has a natural talent of some sort. If you haven't figured out what yours is yet, that's ok. If you have no interest in finding it, that's ok too. If you are looking for it however; it will find you. When the two of you finally meet, do a lot of it - this is where your free spirit will fly even higher.

Respect other people's freedoms . . . Allowing and supporting other people's free spirits will make you stronger. Send good vibes to people and good vibes will come back to you. 

Live in the moment . . . Forget the past, the future, live in the right now, this second. Embrace each new day positively. When negativity appears (and it will), push through and go back to your light, don't let anyone or anything kill your spirit...

Thank you @gmarie83 for the idea for this post, keep shining your natural light and spreading the #love.

xo Fabiola Conrado. #freespirits #happy #peace #goodvibes 

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