Woodstock Fever

Great morning to you on this beautiful summer Friday. Today is going to be another perfect day with sunny skies and a high of 77 degrees. 83 is the highest we'll see in the next ten days, according to #Weatherbug, in the Northeast. These are temps we usually see at the start of fall. I'm not complaining about it, it's just an observation :O

The weekend is here and I'm headed to Woodstock tomorrow to hang out with the hippies. So many other things I'd like to do too such as go hiking, lay out at the beach and go on a boat ride. Yoga sounds good and rollerblading would be nice as well. A long walk would be great and I must do some gardening. I would love to hang out in Barnes and Noble and find a new novel. I'd also like to catch a sunset and a moonrise too.

Have a fabulous Friday and I'll leave you with these songs that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face...

Creme, Tale of Brave Ulysses, live from 1968

Eric Clapton, Cocaine, almost 32 million views, lol

Animals, House of the Rising Sun, love this song

Jefferson Airplane, Somebody to Love, don't you?

The Byrds, Eight Miles High, cool man

xo Fabiola Conrado. #Creme #EricClapton #Animals #JeffersonAirplane #TheByrds #Woodstock #peace #love #hippies #summer

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