Their Pics Are Cooler Than Yours

That's because they're the JAM. These New York based photographers, are rocking it out with their stunning, street style photography. They have a talent for capturing the allure of nature and the mystique of New York City. They're inspired by nature and journal their snapshots through Instagram and Twitter. 

The JAM are professional photographers with a client base and a huge following on social media. In a year's time, @imthejam has collected over 63,000 followers on Instagram and @shesthejam has over 28,000 and growing. @imthejam also keeps a Twitter feed, with over 23,000 people following his pics and down to earth commentary. He first started his Twitter about three years ago. 

Fans of their photos react quickly to each shot they post, with a lot of "WOW" comments and others such as, "Amazing!....Just amazing," "Stunning!," "Truly amazing," and "You ARE the jam!" Jaclyn Zayas Alvarez (@shesthejam), has been studying photography in college for the past three years and has had a passion for picture taking her whole life. Josh Alvarez (@imthejam), is an Instagram success story, as his passion developed only a year ago, when he first started using it. 

I had a chance to catch the JAM in between shots and asked them a few questions:

How did the JAM originate?  Originally because I'm a music producer and it stood for Josh Alvarez Music. Then as my wife and I all of a sudden shared this passion for photography, we came up with the name JAM, because both of our name's initials are JA, the M to stands for Media.

How did you and your wife meet?  We met through mutual friends at a local bar we both used to hang out at. There really isn't a crazy story there. 

Was it a coincidence that you're both talented photographers?  Yeah, it's kind of weird how I just gained my passion not too long ago. I have produced music my whole life and my wife is an amazing artist, who has always been interested in photography. 

Some people pay for their followers, is this the case for the JAM?  I've heard of a lot of people who pay for followers. You can always tell who has, because they have a crazy amount of followers and hardly get any likes or comments. If you check our feeds you'll know they are real...

Have you always had a passion for taking pictures?  As I mentioned earlier, my wife always has, in fact as a kid her favorite toy was a camera. I myself started a year ago, but now I'm like a little kid and want to go everywhere to take pictures.

What's your favorite shoot so far?  I would say our favorite shoot is the Adirondacks, because we love nature and out there is so beautiful with the mountains, trees and waterfalls.

What kind of equipment do you use?  We both own a canon 6D and do all of our editing on Lightroom.

How many pictures do you take in one day?  My wife and I are very different when it comes to taking pictures. She likes to take as little as possible and perfect each shot, whereas I like to take as many as possible and just edit the ones I like best.

How long does a picture take to edit before you post it?  It depends on the photos how long it will take us. If it's a portrait, of course we want to take out spots or blemishes, so that takes longer but for landscapes, it can take us about 3 minutes, being that we have our own formulas.

What can we expect next from the JAM?  I would say a whole lot more of exploring new places. We're hoping to get more gigs and travel to different spots of the world. A few major companies have reached out to us as well, so that's in the works. One of them is really big, so you'll see that on my Instagram really soon. I'm really excited about this one, so stay tuned :)

We will. Check out but a few of their captivating photographs...

Check out more of their dazzling photos on their website: The JAM photography

They post fabulous shots everyday on instagram too: @imthejam & @shesthejam

Because they're the JAM.

-Fabiola Conrado. Jaclyn Zayas Alvarez. Josh Alvarez. 
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